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Our Services

Lifecycle achieves superior owner outcomes by reducing inefficiencies in the building lifecycle supply chain. We streamline individual elements of planning, design, construction, facility operations and finally building assessment.

Although our preferred method of operation would be to manage your facility throughout the entire lifecycle, we leverage the latest technology and strategic partnerships to provide the following customized services, to meet each client’s requirements.


Upfront and early involvement of critical teams in the supply chain provides superior project execution and value to our clients. Project Planning prior to Design and Construction allows Lifecycle greater opportunity to influence cost, schedule, quality, safety and sustainability.

Lifecycle’s goal is to work as an extension of the client’s organization in identifying client needs and developing the strategies to meet those needs. Our program and account teams are established at the earliest possible time frame and kept throughout the time line of the project. This prevents the critical information and experience from being lost as the program advances through each phase of the building lifecycle.


Lifecycle’s award-winning design teams use state of the art Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems to produce outstanding design performance and operational outcomes. Lifecycle’s involvement in Design allows quality projects to begin efficiently. Our team structure results in more accurate cost and schedule forecasts much earlier in the supply chain.

We leverage knowledge of critical team members and end-users as early as possible to assist in design, particularly in the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. Our intelligent, responsive design teams incorporate client input and building requirements to produce the best designs for the client’s building needs.

Construction Management

Lifecycle Construction applies the latest in construction management science and technology. Our involvement in the Planning and Design phases allows our team to have a deep understanding of the project goals. By adapting our integrated approach, we offer our clients various value-added options, such as fast tracking and enhanced commissioning.

One of the most important aspects in today’s construction industry is the idea of sustainability. By taking the long view of a structure’s life, our team implements sustainable concepts through all five phases of the building.

Operations & Maintenance

After commissioning, Lifecycle can provide client services for operating your new building. Our teams focus on cost effective sustainable practices that are maximized by applying the decisions made during the planning and design phases of the building.

We recognize that less than 10% of a building’s total cost is in its construction. By providing optimization strategies for our customers for the next 90% of the facility costs, we become a valuable extension of our client’s organizations.


As long-term capital planning requirements change, the Lifecycle team will be there to assess current or future needs. We will recommend the best solutions while considering capital budgets, time constraints, lifecycle costs and sustainability. As your needs change, we are ready to replace, renovate or add on to the client’s facilities.